Meet Julie
La Parisienne Boudoir is the ultimate photography experience for women in the Seattle area. You will learn how to pose to be beautiful on any pictures!
Seattle boudoir, women headshots
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La Parisienne Boudoir’s mission is to show the beauty of every woman, help her feel confident and love herself.


Julie Voss

10 Things about me

  1. I’m French, born and raise in Paris
  2. My nickname was La Parisienne when I was visiting family in the south of France
  3. I moved to Seattle to be with my husband
  4. I have a diva cat named Toby DeVitto
  5. I am addicted to chocolate
  6. I don’t drink coffee
  7. I love meeting new people
  8. I have been dealing with body image issues since I was a teenager and boudoir helped me love myself!
  9. I love seeing the smile on women when they discover their pictures
  10. I blog about depression and happy living at